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While one could come across another person and not really experience anything, they could encounter somebody else and it might be as if their entire being has been hijacked. But, even though this is the case, it doesn’t imply that one will see this as a bad thing.

An individual will then have lost control, yet it will be viewed as a sign that they have met someone who is right for them. Every part of their being is then likely to be on green, telling them to move ahead.

An Analogy

Thus, this scenario is very likely to be somewhat similar to how it would be if you went to look for a new car. There will be cars that don’t do it for them, cars they like but are not enamoured with, and cars that they’re strongly drawn to.

In will then be a fantastic idea for them to purchase the car that actually draws them in, that’s if they have the ability to do so. If they end up with a car that doesn’t do it for them, it’s unlikely that they will enjoy having the car.

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So, just like being attracted to a car will let them know that the car is right for them, being highly attracted to somebody will let them know that the peons is right for them. As a consequence of this, one will want to do what they can to take things further.

They could wind up telling these people that they have met someone who is perfect for them.

Emotionally Uplifted

Regardless of what their emotional state was like before they met this person, there’s a strong probability that it has radically changed since that point in time. If they weren’t in a fantastic place, now they’ll be, and, if they were in a fantastic place, they will probably feel even better.

In actuality, it could seem as though they’ve been taken to another planet or the planet they live on is so much better. It then won’t be necessary for one to be with this individual so as to feel better; they will just have to think about them.

The Next Step

Let’s say that the other person can be attracted to them and things do progress, one could begin to consider the future. They might think about what it will be like to live with this person and to even start a family together, for instance.

Now, as time passes, it could become clear that they’re in a relationship with somebody who’s ideal for them.

Another Scenario

At the same time, what one may find that this individual is not good for them as time goes by. And, while this person might just not be a fantastic match; it could wind up being much worse.

For example, they could wind up coming to see that they are with someone who is verbally or physically abusive. An individual will then have been on one side of the psychological spectrum at the start, only to visit the other side of it as time has gone by.


It can seem as though they were deceived and, as a result, it’ll be normal for them to feel like they’ve been taken advantage of. Nonetheless, just because it appears as though they played no a part in what has occurred; this is unlikely to be so.

A Potential Red Flag

What it is very likely to reveal is that they were just unaware of what was going on, which is the reason why they had no reason to question what was taking place and allowed themselves to be swept away by it all. Ergo, even though being strongly attracted to this person would have been viewed as something positive, they were being deceived by what was taking place within them.

It would be easy to believe that this is typically something which takes place when someone likes another individual’s appearance and their character.

A Deeper Look

These two components play a part, that is clear, but they’re surface levels factors. There are other elements that play an even larger role in why one could be attracted to another person.

Below these surface level elements is the part that someone’s youth has on who they are drawn to. Consciously, an individual can have the need to be with someone who will be a fantastic match for them however, unconsciously, they are going to have the need to find someone who will let them solve their early wounds.

Repetition Compulsion

Said another way, their conscious mind will want them to be happy, while their subconscious mind will want them to evolve. With this in mind, the reason one can feel a strong attraction to someone can be due to the fact that this person reminds them of one of their caregivers.

At a deeper level, part of them will want to replay what took place all those years back and then to resolve it. Without realising it, they’ll be projecting what they didn’t get from their caregivers into another individual and, as time passes, these positive projections will start to fade out, being replaced by negative projections and another person’s true nature will start to fade in.


Taking this into consideration, if a person feels strongly attracted to someone, it might be a good idea for them to step back and to reflect. Doing so might save them plenty of pain in the long term.

What this emphasises is that while people conscious mind can forget about what happened in the past, their subconscious mind does not forget. This part of them will show why they are attracted to certain people.

If one finds that they have the inclination to be attracted to the wrong people, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something which may be provided by the aid of a therapist or a healer.


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