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The world when java was a dime seems so distant now. The turbulence of these times mirrors a lot of the events which occurred almost like it had been 86 years back. Even though much has changed yet much remains reminiscent of the times when java was a just a dime. Regrettably though, history always has discovered a way to replicate events that have played out before. And, today the times are not that much different for millions when all you had was a dime for that cup of java.

All over the world the multitudes of impoverished see no end to their plight. Even in the United States the plight of so many continues to mount. Any attempt to shut the greatest wealth disparity gap in history is swiftly and abruptly squashed. There remains a never ending growing number of those that are trapped into the whirlwind cycle of poverty.

Back when java was a dime there appeared to be a more civility among the masses. Even in this nations darkest hour of the country was held together by the sheer refinement that society had those many years back. Now, we live in an age greed and selfishness. Our leaders of political expediency have plotted, schemed, and shrewdly positioned this country away from the basic principles of our Founding Fathers. In doing this have corrupted the very institutions of government. Now, that cup of coffee sets one back more than $3.00. Heaven forbid you espresso and order! That is like shelling out another mortgage. And, of course the civility of our state has been torn apart, more so by having Trump in the White House.

What this current Administration has done alongside our spineless congress has only hastened this countries downfall. From all those foreign policy directives Trump has managed to create a more unstable and hostile world. We are now poised to fall to a period a cataclysm of financial grief. Another Great Depression is most surely on the way.

Through greed and financial posturing from the wealthy elite was able to wipe out millions of hard working Americans monetary ways. All across the country”Hay buddy can you spare a dime” was the cry of a country swept up into a period of distress and torment. It was a fantastic thing though that java was just a dime.

Even back in the early 1960’s 10 cents may actually buy a lot of things. Not so today. Costs of everything has risen drastically to the point that millions are unable to make ends meet. The plight of the poor, the impoverished masses has just continued to increase with every passing year.

From the 30’s where hungry masses lined up in soup kitchens one of the most popular songs of that period used that catch phrase”can you spare a dime” to portray the reason why this state uttered their livelihoods? To a great deal today our own governmental policies has made it much easier for corporations and companies to siphon off livelihoods leaving millions stranded, abandoned by the very government that’s supposed to help in troubled times.

Sure, now there are those so called safety nets, Food stamps, unemployment insurance and other agencies that are supposed to help. But, sadly more often than not these agencies are simply foot notes of the large bureaucratic blotted system called our authorities. And, Trump and the rest of the Republicans they all need to do is reduce or eliminate all leaving millions to languish in poverty.

When coffee was a dime was a period in time where the simplicity of existence eased much of the tension and turmoil that grew from those most difficult and depressing times. These days, the tempo of life is much quicker more stressful in almost every way. One has to wonder if you see panhandlers in almost every intersection it is not a dime they are asking for it’s now a couple of dollars. And that’s the very sad reality we live in today.

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