Quit Smoking

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You already have all the information about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, yet why is it so tough to stop?

It certainly is not logical to smoke… it says right on the cigarette pack,”Smoking Kills”, but that hasn’t stopped you. On the other hand, if nicotine is so addictive, then how is it that some people are able to fly in an airplane with no cravings? A heroin or cocaine addict can’t do that.

It’s not lack of information that is the problem!

What’s lacking is the right kind of motivation.

Has the fear of a heart attack, emphysema, or lung cancer ever stopped you? No. The reason is that smoking kills nerve endings in your mouth, throat and lungs. You don’t smell or taste as much as you used to, right? Years go by, and that’s the way the harm is done. So since you are feeling no pain, knowing the negative consequences of smoking is not sufficient motivation. And since the majority of cigarettes you smoke are only out of habit, you don’t consider the dangers, even with the picture images on the cigarette package or dire warnings from your doctor.

Here is what I have found helps individuals be successful long-term: focusing on the positive instead of the negative… about what you want, rather than on what you don’t want. Hypnosis is a focusing and amplifying tool that may help you to do just that.

To put it differently, it is more useful to focus on”being a non-smoker”, rather than on”not smoking”. Try not to think about a pink elephant at the moment and you’ll know what I mean. Try not to consider smoking and that’s all you can think about… when can you have your next cigarette. For many smokers, considering”not smoking” causes great anxiety!

And when is stopping something a positive? It sounds like failure.

After all, who wants to live with a dark cloud hanging over their head? Do you need to amplify more stress and worry in your life? That could cause a heart attack!

As soon as you have picked your day to become a non-smoker, reducing the amount you smoke daily as opposed to stopping”cold turkey” is paramount. It is going to be difficult and turn your world upside down.

The key here is to create experiences of delayed gratification rather than generating fear of anxiety which compels you to smoke more.

Slimming down to 2-3 cigarettes per day by smoking a brand you don’t like and altering your ritualistic smoking behaviors will make the transition much, much smoother. This is the principle behind nicotine replacement methods. Unfortunately for many, with nicotine replacement, you have not addressed the hand that still reaches for a cigarette from habit. It is not about chemicals; it’s about raising self-awareness, and you can not put self-awareness in a pill or patch.

Bear in mind, it’s going to be an experience that will motivate you to stop, one way or another. Either it will be an experience of bad news from the doctor (or worse) that forces your hands and is usually not so pleasant… or it will be an experience of delayed gratification, which is by far much more enabling. The decision is yours.

Hair loss in women

Do you notice that you are losing more hair than before? Does this cause distress and become an issue for you? Do you wish to eliminate this condition and make your hair beautiful and strong? If so, then the first thing you should do is to pay a visit to your medical care specialist to undergo a series of health tests and discover the reasons that may cause the problem. This will certainly take some effort and time, but it is important to understand that the problem might be more severe than you could expect. Anyway, it’s always much easier to prevent the disease rather than to take care of it afterwards.

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is observed, as soon as a person – an adult or a child – starts losing more hair than ever. It’s crucial to understand that people generally do not notice normal hair growth cycle, if everything is OK with it.

Based on statistics, normal hair loss constitutes around 50-100 strands every day. Whenever you do something with you hair (wash it or go to a stylist, by way of example), then this amount may increase up to 250-300 strands, which does not go beyond the standard, if detected occasionally. However, if you start noticing too many hair strands that fall out every day and the issue starts bothering you, then do not ignore it.

Hair Loss Causes

So, let’s examine them in details to see what are the best ways out of the circumstance.

  1. Genetic Factors

If they did, then this means that the problem might be triggered by the genetic element. In this case, the disease you face could be called”androgenetic alopecia”. Ladies, who encounter this issue, have thick and thin hair follicles, in the result of which hair becomes thin and then falls out faster than in other women. Androgenetic alopecia develops in women, who are over 50 or 60 years old, but adolescent girls also suffer from the illness sometimes.

  1. Medical Factors

Medical factors are, probably, one of the most widespread hair loss issues. They may differ with regard to a female’s age and health condition. When you see a doctor and tell him/her about the hair loss symptom, he/she will initially advise that you to earn a blood test to measure the hormones level. This is required to make sure that you don’t have any autoimmune or thyroid gland disease. These conditions normally have different symptoms and hair loss is one of these. Among the other medical causes of hair loss, it makes sense to mention the following:


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Skin problems like seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, for example

Gastrointestinal tract disorders

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Scalp Infections


These are just a few medical conditions that might cause hair loss in women. Many of them are related to hormonal problems or changes. That’s the reason why, it always makes sense to understand your physician if hair loss persists.

  1. Lifestyle Factors

This group of baldness factors encompasses a broad spectrum of life problems and situations that may have adverse impact upon hair condition. Whatever changes occur in your life, any of them may have certain effect upon your health.

Weight loss

Vitamin deficiency


Lack of sleep

Physical injuries

Any change in the habitual lifestyle may trigger hair loss and you’ve got to take care of your physical and psychological health to avoid such situations.

If you figure out how to define the reasons of baldness, this is already half of the way to the successful treatment of the issue. Apart from the pills or remedies a physician may prescribe you, try your best effort to lead active means of life, get sufficient amount of sleep, reduce the anxiety level, take important vitamins for hair and eat healthy foods. This complex of measures will definitely bring the expected outcome.

Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s created when your skin is exposed to the sun. It can also be found in certain foods and it’s notorious for helping the body to absorb calcium from foods to be able to maintain healthy bone cells.

It may also occur when there is an insufficiency of the vitamin in your diet or your body cannot absorb and metabolize the ones that you consume.

Furthermore, if you live in a location with a high latitude, you might be at more risk of vitamin D deficiency as you may have less access to the sun’s ultraviolet-B (UVB) rays. Staying too much indoors is also a contributing factor and if you reside in a highly-polluted land, you may get a lesser access to sun’s rays.

It’s unsafe to self-diagnose a vitamin D deficiency because its symptoms are similar to many other disorders. Hence, it is very important to conduct a laboratory test so as to establish the disease.

Boosting your vitamin D levels is as easy as ABC. You can take over-the-counter nutritional supplements or multivatimin preparations, while the consumption of foods like salmon, tuna, cheese, liver, egg yolk, milk, cereals, etc., is a good idea. It’s very important to expose your skin to sunlight and in case you have a history of skin cancer or you have a very pale skin, you should speak with a medical professional to know whether you’re fit for sun exposure.

Moreover, you should consider maintaining a healthy body weight and get involved in an outdoor exercise daily. Those with liver, gut or kidney problems should monitor their medical condition correctly and receive the necessary treatment. Infants who are being breast-fed might not get enough vitamin D because they might not be exposed to sunlight, hence, they may be given supplements so as to make up for this.

Wedding dress shopping

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Heading for the bridal salon despite the fact that you are not prepared is not a good idea. You have to learn the basics of purchasing a wedding dress first. Are there any secrets you ought to know before making this purchase? Therefore, before you get your hands in your very first wedding outfit, read these tips.

  1. Entourage

To begin with, don’t bring a good deal of people with you to the salon. As a general rule, it is acceptable to bring a few of your friends or family members. They can help you begin your search and make the ideal choice. This way you will be able to look for the best dress.

  1. Hidden Costs

Keep in mind that the cost of your gown will not include the price of the outfit alone. The price will also include the price of headpiece, veil, undergarments, accessories and potential alterations as well. Before settling on your budget, be sure you consider these factors.

  1. Undergarments

So, if you want to go to get a body shaper or a strapless style, you might want to receive it. Actually, you might want to get some gown-specific undergarments. Make sure to consider important things before buying them.


Most bridal salons offer a wide assortment of designer outfits for weddings, but that doesn’t mean you can always find your favorite dress in the local designer salon. They may have the ability to have a sample for you.

  1. Don’t Given Up

At most bridal designers, you’ll find hundreds of designs. So, your chances of getting your desired style are pretty good. It might be a disappointment to get back home empty-handed on your first visit to the salon, but you should never give up. You should try again and again until you get what you wanted.

  1. Take Your Body Shape

You should focus more on your body shape and frame when attempting different dresses. Your stress shouldn’t keep you from making the right option. What you will need to do is look for silhouettes that come with the features that you like.


If you get lucky, you may find a salesperson after you get in. However, it’s recommended that you schedule an appointment to make sure that you get the attention you need.

  1. Pick Favorites

If you would like to have a smooth shopping experience, you might want to have suggestions from the salesperson as well. Aside from that, you can also get recommendations from your friends, relatives and colleagues.

So, when you have been on the lookout for the perfect wedding gown, we suggest that you consider the tips given in this report. This will increase your chances of getting your hands on the dress that will suit you.

puppy training

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Needless to say, you need to get everything right, so that you and your new companion can enjoy many happy years together, which means training your pet to be a good canine citizen. Before you begin on obedience training, however, start with house training.

You may believe that house training will take forever, but the truth is that if you follow these twelve basic steps, you will find the job done fast – probably in only a couple weeks.

  1. Be Consistent

There’s more than 1 method of house training a puppy. Just be certain whatever approach you choose, you stay with it.


Dogs are happiest when they understand what to expect, and what is expected of them. So set specific times for foods. Then, about half an hour after your puppy has eaten, put him out, and wait until he has done his business.

  1. Be Watchful

Puppies have to be closely supervised, particularly during house training. You ought to keep your puppy with you, and watch out for signs that he wants to go potty (walking in circles is a tip-off).

  1. Don’t Request Too Much Too Soon

A puppy isn’t going to have the ability to control his bladder or intestines for very long. In actuality, when you first bring your puppy home (usually at about 8 weeks old ), you can expect he’ll have to go outside every few hours. As he matures, he will have more control.

  1. Strategy for Regular Trips Outdoors

If you are able to take your puppy outside off, at least for your first couple of days. By doing this, you will dramatically reduce the odds of accidents in the home, and you will also be increasing the amount of opportunities you need to reinforce the notion that you need him to do his business outside.


Don’t hang around outside after the potty break is over – bring the pup inside straight away. You can go back to perform in a few minutes if you prefer, but what you are trying to do is reinforce the notion that the lawn is where he is supposed to feces and urine.


You will have greater success if you choose only one place in the lawn for potty trips (it will make cleanup easier, too). Always lead the pup to a single spot. His nose will inform him that this is the ideal location.


When you take the pup to the spot you have selected, tell him”Go potty,” or another phrase you have chosen. Eventually, he will go to his special spot in the lawn by simply being told, without having to be led.

  1. Make Great Things Happen

Praise your puppy and give him a treat as soon as you’re back in the home – not while he is doing his business in the lawn. You do not want him to think he is being praised for peeing or pooping; differently, he is not likely to understand why he is not praised when he does it at the house. What you are instructing him is that if he does his business outside, something great will happen when get gets back inside.

  1. Do Not Feed Before Bed

Two hours before it is time to turn in for the night, take the water dish, and do not provide any treats. This way, the odds of accidents during the night can be decreased.


Just be certain that the crate is not so large that the pup decides that one place is for sleeping, and yet another for removing. Before crating, be sure that he gets a potty trip out into the lawn, and when you get back, take him out again.

  1. Never Punish

Do not punish your puppy for injuries.

The Last Word

House training a puppy requires a little bit of time and effort, but it has to be done.

Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive

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Life throws us curveballs daily. We do our very best to deal with the unexpected situations and challenging events in our own lives. However research indicates that prolonged stress and stress can decrease life expectancy. To put it simply, stress is a killer.
Are you able to recognize and admit the stress that you’re experiencing? You can probably count 10 or more ways that stress has impacted your life negatively. Awareness is crucial in order to start strategizing your survival strategy. So what do you do about it? Learn these 5 superb stress buster tips that are sure to not just help you get through it and survive, but actually thrive.
Even if it’s just five minutes per day, meditation helps you to take a few moments to calm down, relax, breathe deeply, gain clarity and focus in your life. During your meditation practice, you are acknowledging and prioritizing YOU. You are guiding yourself to set daily intentions or individual targets. You are setting yourself up for success. If you have never mediated earlier, no worries. There are an assortment of quality meditation apps that are readily available to guide you as you explore the benefits of meditation, many at no charge. You’ll begin feeling calm and confident again and will start to feel your stress melt away as you practice daily meditation.
Stress Buster Tip #2: Practice physical self-care activities.
There’s no doubt that you understand the importance of the fundamentals of self-care: a healthy and balanced diet, daily exercise and adequate sleep so as to live your best life. Knowing is one thing; doing is something else. Self-care addresses and reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body.
Be vigilant about the foods you consume. Plan ahead and make sure you’re nurturing your body with a healthy and balanced regimen of nutrients including protein at each meal, many different vegetables, fruits and a great deal of water. Eating healthy provides positive energy to your body and is crucial to a healthy quality of life.
Be cautious of organizing your day to add at least 30 minutes of exercise. Endorphins are released when you exercise, fostering your psychological outlook and providing a better feeling of well being. In actuality, a lot of people claim that they do their best problem-solving and brainstorming during their everyday workout. Whether it’s running, yoga, exercising in the gym, or even walking your dog, make it a daily habit and embrace the opportunity to re-energize and de-stress.
Be laser-focused on making sure that you are getting a full night’s sleep that’s restful, restorative and recharges one to wake up every morning ready to take on a brand new day. The number of sleep varies for every person. Whether it’s 7 or 8 hours, or a little less or more, studies have shown that maintaining a constant schedule of going to bed at the exact same time each night and waking up at the exact same time every morning is important to optimal good health. Sleep calms you and recharges your personal battery, equipping you to face whatever challenges come your way, without undue worry or anxiety.
Stress Buster Tip #3: Practice attitudinal self-care.
In addition to the three basic fundamentals of self-care as mentioned above, let us add another crucial element of self-care: attitudinal self-care. You’ve heard the expression”You are what you eat.” Similarly, one of my Essential Mottos is:”You are what you believe.” Practice positive thinking as far as possible. You have heard the saying:”If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.” You will be able to brainstorm solutions to your everyday challenges. Do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty? With a focus on attitudinal self-care, you will start to see the glass . And then, it’s very likely your vision of your world will be open to infinite possibilities and probabilities. Another one of my Essential Mottoes is:”There is no such thing as problems… only solutions.” See your glass . Watch the infinite possibilities. Smile and practice positivity daily, as far as possible. Your positive attitude will let you stress and worry less, and you’ll likely reap amazing advantages to mind, body and soul.
Stress Buster Tip #4: Reach out to a friend.
Social isolation increases the likelihood of loneliness, negative self-esteem and stress. Interacting with family and friends will enable you to neutralize the stress and stress that you may be feeling. Reaching out to a close friend or relative is a good step forward. Even if you’re reluctant to make that call or send a text, then know that there is a loving and supportive network out there for you to contact… and invite yourself to connect with others. Caring for a pet is curative as well. Positive social interaction and connection is important to reducing your stress levels.
Stress Buster Tip #5: Be more resilient.
A Japanese Proverb reminds us that, “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” You may see that some people seem to be able to handle their stress better than others. You may also wonder, in particular, why they seem to handle their stress better than you. Learning how to become more resilient will enable you to take things in your stride, cope better and manage difficult situations without undue stress or stress. Practice more flexibility on your life. Be less rigid. Become more resilient. You will stress less and become more powerful like the oak tree from the Japanese proverb.

Key Ingredients of an Unforgettable Baby

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Much like any other parties, it does require some preparation, but, being an informal event, you do not have to worry too much about all of the details and you can keep things casual while at the same time being creative. The benefit of baby-themed parties is that there are lots of incredible things you could try and you can make most decorations and meals yourself.
Cute decorations
Decorations are key in creating a theme for the shower and setting a warm and pleasant atmosphere in general. You do not necessarily have to create a theme if you don’t want to, buy decorations are a must. Until not that long ago, future parents would select decorations depending on the baby’s gender, but recently this trend has lost its popularity. Choose charming decorations that could apply for both little boys and girls and place them carefully around the house. You can get everything from stickers and toys to baby themed plates and balloons. Pastel colours are recommended, because they inspire purity, playfulness and innocence.
Creative desserts
Desserts are the highlight of any baby shower, but, apart from pleasing guests who have a sweet tooth, desserts can be a sort of decoration if done correctly. Instead of the traditional cookies and cupcakes, why not create thematic sweets shaped like cute animals? In addition, don’t forget about the cake. It should be the most impressive dessert yet, so find an expert cake store to bake you something habit and colourful.
Baby shower favours
Although shower favours are not as important as wedding favours, they add a personal touch to your celebration and help guests remember exactly what made the shower so unique. Contrary to common belief, baby shower favours are not expensive at all and you may even do them yourself. By way of example, you can fill out a small jar with candy and then wrap some cute pastel color ribbon around it. As an alternative, you can also supply mini tea sets, mini stuffed toys or a jar of cookies.
Holiday themes
Regardless the vacation, there are many amazing baby shower ideas you may try.
Baby shower photography
People who don’t like their picture being taken may wonder what the purpose of baby shower photography is if maternity photography and newborn photography exist. It’s simple: the shower is a very different part of pregnancy, the final step, where parents are the most excited. The parents are usually lonely and photographs consists of portraits. At baby showers, you can take candid photos and catch a fun event with your friends and loved ones. After many years go by, you’ll undoubtedly love showing your grown up child how you got ready for the event and how happy you were to welcome them to the family.
No matter how you choose to decorate your house for the shower, planning is quite important. Some things ought to be established one month before the big day, while others can be left until the last minute. Additionally, regarding the responsibilities for the preparation, it depends how well you feel. Women with easy pregnancies like to take charge and organise everything themselves, while others decide to get help from their spouse, friends and loved ones.

5 Places to Go for a Fun Vacation

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Whether you want to celebrate Independence Day this summer or Halloween next autumn, going on a wonderful vacation at an exciting destination is always fun. Or maybe you only want to have a personal holiday and get away from home for a couple of days. Whatever the case, you can visit your favorite travel discount websites to find holiday hotel packages for just about any occasion.
Some people always prefer to go to the shore, while others like heading directly towards the casinos. If you’re traveling with family, there are loads of family-friendly resorts and attractions at each one of the best destination spots.
To help you get started with your search, here are some destinations that often offer deals on vacation hotel packages:
There are Tons of fun places to stay in Anaheim, like the Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Fairfield Inn. Disneyland is just a brief drive away – you can always stay at one of the resorts there. Through the year, the resorts throw holiday-themed parties and events.
West Palm Beach, FL
If you’d like the East Coast, plenty of fun can always be found at West Palm Beach. It’s a cheaper alternative to Orlando and has an assortment of hotels to pick from. It’s a excellent destination for adults who want to break free from work and home for a while. To enjoy a golfing retreat, visit PGA Resort & Spa or Banyan Cay Resort and Golf.
Bethlehem, Israel
It isn’t only a nice place to go to during Christmas season, Bethlehem has something to offer 365 days out of the year. There are not too many hotels in the area, but there are still a few good ones to pick from. Airfare isn’t always the cheapest when flying straight from the united states. You will probably find a better deal flying to another city in the area and then booking a trip with a smaller, budget airline.
There are no holiday resort packages quite like those found in Zimbabwe. Just stay at one of the safari hotels in Harare or Victoria Falls. Go exploring to see if you can catch sight of an elephant or lion. Public and private safari tours are both accessible.
It’s the perfect blend of contemporary culture and artistry together with old-world class. There are over 600 resorts to choose from, so finding cheap accommodation for your vacation ought to be easy enough. To get a true vacation experience, consider hotels like the Westin Grand, Park Inn by Radisson, Catalonia Berlin Mitte, or Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof. All of these are highly rated.
Now you’ve got a couple ideas for holiday hotel packages in the US and around the world.

Not Your Local Sub Shop

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The top delis have an adjoining bakery which sells authentic bagels, bialys, rolls and biscuits, along with take-out sandwiches and foods. Some of the old timers like the Stage Deli and the Carnegie Deli have gone the way of the dinosaur (go figure) but some still flourish, particularly in NYC, Chicago and of course Miami. We’re not talking sandwich or sub shops here, we are talking honest-to-gosh authentic delis where you would swear grandma was making matzo balls in the kitchen. Here’s What you can expect to see if you venture into a good one:
Lox and bagels or bialys, with or without a schmear of cream cheese (if they do not serve these, you made a wrong turn and you are at Subway)
A comforting bowl of matzo ball soup – a light dumpling made with matzo meal in chicken broth, or kreplach, a heavier meat-filled dumpling
Borekas – filled pastries made of a thin flaky phyllo dough and filled with spinach, cheese or sometimes meat (also a Greek dish)
Kugel – popular baked noodle dish, can be sweet or savory
Shashuka – spicy dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin
Potato latkes – your fundamental potato pancakes, served with applesauce and sour cream
Brisket and pastrami sandwiches – best served warm on Jewish rye with lots of mustard, coleslaw on the side
Blintzes – usually fruit fill and served with sour cream, like a crepe
Potato knishes – a heavier dumpling-type usually filled with, potato and onions
Reuben sandwich – classic grilled sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing (you can go”lighter” with turkey) delicious
Potato salad and coleslaw – the perfect side dish, creamy and lots of it
Matzo breh – pieces of matzoh lightly sauteed in butter and scrambled with eggs, the perfect breakfast
Chopped liver – usually a plate with a mound of chopped liver, accompanied by sliced onions, tomatoes, chopped egg and served with rye bread
Gefilte fish – not high on everyone’s favorites but a conventional white fish and part of a traditional holiday meal, served cold
Matzo – level tasteless popular cracker, part of a traditional Jewish passover meal
Kasha – buckwheat groats, pretty tasteless but quite traditional (great source of fiber)
Loaves of braided challah, a traditional sweet holiday bread which usually contains raisins, similar to a brioche
Sufganiyot – a jelly donut
Rugelah – a sweet rolled dough cookie filled with raisins and nuts
Many Jewish dishes of course have a similar version in neighboring countries like Poland, the Mediterranean countries and Russia, and many are part of a traditional holiday meal such as Passover. But what has evolved into the traditional delicatessen, with its mile high sandwiches, matzo ball soup and chopped liver is unique unto itself. The waiters are rude and hurried, the portions are large, and the clients are hungry. What’s not to like?

Deserve Respect

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In this gorgeous world, creatures deserve respect as much as people. It’s our world, but it is their world too. So, this world belongs to all creatures living on it. Yet, many are against this notion, because they believe that animals do not have a soul.
Can we have all of the rights, just because we are at the peak of the food chain? Does that give humans the right to remove animal privileges?
A great deal of people still do not get it, like a child who never learns. And they surely deserve respect, so that they could live their lives free from suffering, abuse, and mistreatment. A life is a life, and it ought to be valued. Animals cannot speak for themselves and for that reason we must be their voice and care for them.
So, protecting them is something you and I should be proud of. As individuals, it’s our responsibility. All creatures have the right to be free of persecution, cruelty, captivity, manipulation, and abuse by individuals. When we respect the well-being of animals, we restore balance in organic preservation.
Animals Deserve Respect
“Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here and have respect, and love, as me and you.” – Unknown
Yet, too many think that animals are on this world for us to exploit, dominate, use and rule over them. A lot of us think that we are above it all, but we have so much to learn. However, there are also people who do believe animals deserve respect as much as people.
So, I’m one of those people who firmly believe animals should have a better place in our planet. They are sentient beings. We should protect them the same way we care for a disabled child. Both of them don’t have the identical conscious principles that we do. But they still need to be loved, cared for, protected and respected.
Just because animals cannot tell us how they feel, it does not necessarily mean that they’ve no rights. One day our sun will expand, and which is going to be the end of us. Yet, we can’t get away from a fact. It is we people who are defining which criteria to put on value.
In my view, I believe that creatures hold a special place in our world and a number of them, especially our pets, become family members. They don’t have a voice to speak up for themselves, so they deserve respect and to be saved. And I believe that we, as people should do that for them.
Needless to say, I don’t believe that animals need to rule human culture. But does it give us the right to be unkind, kill, abuse, starve, torture or slaughter other living animals? It’s illegal to kill another person, but somehow, it’s okay to hurt, mistreat or kill animals. Most of us are blind to the reality.
Animals and the Arrogant Species
“Animals are the actual sufferers on this earth. They do not declare war, they don’t have weapons, and they don’t want to destroy humans, or impose religion. – The Author SVB
In fact, we are an arrogant species, entitling ourselves to be superior to all other species and lowering any other classes. Most men and women claim that animals don’t have feelings or have a soul. They believe them to be worthless, and only here to provide food and needs for us, human beings.
Since I am a child, I rebelled and wondered why guy believes he is at the peak of the food chain. We’re not faster, stronger or even brighter than lots of animals. Needless to say, we could reason and have a great deal of intelligence at our disposal. But then again we are also the only arrogant species that have so little respect and is bent on murdering the very planet that sustains our lives. So, to me, this sort of intellect looks more like stupidity.
Animals Do Have Feelings
Despite all the things that happen in our world, our lack of consideration and consciousness in this matter indicates that we are not as evolved as we ought to be. It starts by giving equal attention towards animals as well as towards our fellow men. Some people are now strating to wake up to these facts, but we still have a ways to go.
So, all animals deserve respect as they can suffer and feel pain in the exact same way and to the exact same level that you and I do. They could feel happiness, pain, fear, pleasure, care, sadness, loneliness, and motherly love. They know more than what we give them credit for.
Animals are also living creatures. Why do people feel they are better is beyond me. Humanity would be nowhere if animals did not exist in this world. The reality is it’s just as bad killing a creature as it is to kill an individual, it is murder. Killing one insect by accident is OK, but a herd of cows or a pride of lions is not perfect. Often, I believe people are equal, if not lower, than other creatures.
The Most Disrespectful of Animals
We have the capability to think, visualize and invent things, and it is what caused humans to flourish in the first location. It is such an incredible ability. And yes, we human beings have imaginations, but we also have self-awareness. So, we have the skill to reflect on our presence. Yet we ought to have more integrity and compassion.
Indeed, we are the most sophisticated of all animals in this world, yet the most disrespectful. We can speak various languages, cook meals, create things, drive a car or fly a plane, as well as debate over all kinds of situations. Yet, I’m asking you:”If we’re more intelligent and have a greater capacity for thought, why are we acting with such disrespect towards this world and the animals living on it?”
Therefore, the world would be much better off with no silly ways of thinking we are the best thing on Earth. And yet we act like idiots and treat animals as if they were things! Regardless of what you might say, people are animals on the interior. We hunt, fight, multiply, group, live, exactly like any other creature and sometimes even, in a worse way.
Animals Aren’t Things
But through our experiences, we know animals undergo pain and suffering. Scientifically, we realize more and more that many exhibit intelligent behaviors. It’s unacceptable to think of another person as being because of the color of the skin or sex. So it is unfair to treat animals disrespectfully. Instead, they deserve respect as much as you and I, or even more.
On this beautiful planet, we’re the leading species. Therefore, we have a moral obligation to protect the interests of the other life on this earth. And it begins with accepting them as equals. Animals are not ours to exploit; they aren’t toys or things. They are living creatures, just like you and I. For me, it is not if animals can think or talk, but more about”Many are suffering.”
“I hope that one day the time will come when men will look upon the murder and harm of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” – A desire of Leonardo da Vinci.
A Last Word on Animals
Did you have watch how factory farms or slaughterhouses did their actions? Imagine if it had glass walls? Could you still be able to look in their eyes and say you cannot see the pain they are enduring?
I worked as a helper for a vet. And at times, I needed to look in their eyes before putting them down. They have feelings. So I chose to stop and find a better path to help them!
Consequently, I just think animals deserve an opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. People aren’t better because they use tools or are bright. And it is just intolerable to exploit innocent creatures, sometimes in very cruel ways. They can feel and sometime think like us. Let us start now.